Just like families, friends are also integral in addiction recovery. Such friends must be sober or the individual’s addiction recovery might not be a total success.

When an individual is addicted, there is a strong chance that he or she would have failed relationships with those around him. People who are mostly affected during this period are family and friends.

Friends are expected to offer inspiration and support to their friend in addiction recovery. An individual who is in recovery would be quite lonely with no one familiar to talk to.

At this point, he or she needs to be careful so that they do not make the wrong choice. Most rehabs allow friends and families of individuals to come by and visit.

At this point, individuals in recovery need to ensure that the right kind of friends come visiting. These friends must be sober and they must be willing to offer their support all through the addiction treatment period.

One of the reasons why friends are needed during addiction is they help to improve your confidence and self-worth. This is why it is vital to choose your friends correctly. You need people who will help you get better, not people who will encourage your addiction.

When an individual has the right set of friends, he or she would not feel lonely when they are in addiction recovery. The right set of friends are those who would stick with you as you progress in recovery.

Also, they will keep in touch with the rehab to make sure that you are making tremendous strides as you recover.

It is a usual sight for relapse to occur and one of the major factors that contribute to this are friends. They can either make or mar you, so you need to be careful of those you hang out with when you are out of recovery.

Some friends would encourage you to join them in activities you have missed out on while you are away. It is best for you to be observant so that you do not relapse.

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