Addiction recovery is a treatment program that addicted individuals need to opt for to treat their addiction.

During addiction recovery, an integral aspect that should be given full consideration, is the family. The family is a support system that an addicted individual needs to pull through in addiction recovery.

When the family offers support to their addicted loved one, there is a greater chance of speedy recovery rate than usual. Addiction causes rift and disunity in the family and this is why it is advised that when a family member is addicted, the whole family must be involved.

In a rehab, there are various therapy session, worthy of mention is the family therapy. This is a special therapy session where all the members of the family are invited to participate in a therapy session.

During this therapy session, they are taught the basics of addiction and this makes them understand why their family member is addicted.  

It is imperative for the family to stick close to their family member all through their addiction phase. This shows the addicted individual that the family loves and cares for them. Hence, they will feel inspired and motivated to pull through as they recover.  

In the family, it is needed for communication lines to be opened with their loved one. Communication lines are effective when it goes two-ways. So, it is necessary for the family to constantly communicate with their loved one all throughout therapy.

The same applies if the individual is in outpatient rehab. During outpatient rehab, the individual would not be admitted within the rehab facility.

Rather, he or she would need to attend therapy sessions from home. So, during this time, the family is expected to render their care and support.

They should make sure that all forms of cravings that could trigger addiction, are kept away from their loved one.

Lastly, when their loved one is out of rehab and it is time for aftercare treatment, they still need to show their support, because there is always a tendency to relapse after being treated for addiction.  

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